My first Photo

Going through my collection on Lightroom , I found a collection of photos from my first DSLR camera , a Sony Alpha range the A6000.

I remember after taking it I was so proud of it, of how I learnt to use my camera, import into LR and processed it, my family thought I was crazy.

Now I look at it and note the things I could better, Well here it is:

My First Shot.

Leave a comment and share your thoughts and criticisms..

Unsplash: New Photos available

Thank you for 2 million views on to celebrate updated the gallery for more photos for free use.

Thank you for the 2 Million views and great to see my shots are being used by you.

To celebrate I have uploaded a few more great shots, for your free use.

See @Fasbytes Unsplash profile For free downloads


Parrot/Birds at


The day.

Wedding day, beautiful mendhi , complements the red sparkling dress.

Updated Beautiful photos that you can download and use for any project.

Updated my Portfolio of Beautiful, free images and photos that you can download and use for any project.

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Part of my home. Proud to be part of it

What a awesome view, the boys were totally taken in. One of my favourite photos that I have taken.

Share with me your favourite view of your home town/city. I would love to share them on this blog.

My home.

AW169 Air Ambulance – Specialist Aviation Services

One of the best projects I have worked on. It was great to see the project succeed.

Medical interior, TETRA radios, Trakkabeam searchlight the list goes on!

Enjoy the video.